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The Health Risks Caused By EMFs

cellular emf radiationEMFs or electromagnetic fields are everywhere. From electrical power lines to mobile phones, computers, microwaves and electrical transformers, EMFs surround everyone in various degrees. Concerns have arisen over the health risks associated with constant exposure to such fields. Can they cause cancer? Do they contribute to depression or suicide?

According to the World Health Organization, the clear answer is no. The human body itself has its own electrical impulses that occur from digestion to the way the heart beats. The EMFs that people are exposed to regularly are minimal. No scientific evidence, according to WHO, supports these fields causing diseases, cancers or even problems with pregnancies.

However, there are many people who disagree with this. In a study done decades ago, there was an apparent link between childhood leukemia and living near electric power lines. More studies found that there seemed to be a definite link but only one child out of all studied had leukemia.

More people are concerned today with exposure to frequencies emitted by mobile phones and WiFi, and are therefore considering various forms of EMF protection. Scientists cannot draw a definite link between these and cancer or other diseases. Some studies that focus on the non-ionizing type of EMFs emitted from these devices prove otherwise.

Health risks may be present with EMFs. However, it should be understood that not only does the human body produce its own form of them, the sun emits EMFs as well. Humans have been always been exposed to them.

It is possible that some people are more sensitive to these fields than other people are. Also, while the World Health Organization points to no proof of their being serious health risks associated with exposure, they do state that this only applies to certain levels. High levels of EMFs can be dangerous and cause problems for people.

The human body has its own electromagnetic fields. Not just the heart but the liver also works using electrical impulses. It is no wonder the human body is responsive to sunshine which matches this natural electrical frequency.

Here is a YouTube video that discusses items in your environment that can generate EMFs:

The strength of EMFs can harm health if they are very intense, and so can prolonged exposure to them. If you have a concern about EMFs, you can limit your exposure to various devices. If you feel sensitive to them, make sure that you live away from sources of power lines. You might want to use a mobile phone only when a speakerphone option is employed to minimize direct exposure to them to your ears.

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